I have, or originally moved in with in September, two roommates, Hannah and Rachel. It seems we now have adopted another, Hannah’s boyfriend. Hannah is 20, her bf, David, is 22 (I think, he just graduated college), and Rachel is 23, but I hardly see her, she’s been living at her boyfriend’s house for pretty much the last 5 or 6 months (I miss her, but I know she doesn’t miss living here so much because of Hannah and David).

  • 101 – Eat your roommate’s food, and not replace it

After I moved in, I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of stuff (I hate shopping, so I only go every so often and stock up). Now, Hannah asked me if we could eat each other’s food, and I told her as long as she replaces it, I said I didn’t want to come home one night, craving mac and cheese, and it not be there when I knew I bought some. Hannah then tells me that I can get mac and cheese where she works for 40% off, and drinks for free. I figured she got my point. I know what I bought, and I know what I ate, and stuff started disappearing, or things were open I know I didn’t open, and the big tip off was she opened a bag of goldfish by just ripping into it, and left a plastic bag over the top of it, she didn’t even try to open it properly!!! Because, at the time, I worked nights and saw her only on weekends, I left her a note on the whiteboard telling her she needed to replace the things she ate, and a list of the things, and she must’ve thought I was as dumb as she is, and said she never ate any of my food, so then I responded with a not so g-rated word on the whiteboard, and told her I wanted it replaced by the time I got home that night, and she did, in order to avoid any confrontation. I was looking for my tub of butter one night, and so I asked Hannah, figured it was something I forgot to put on her list, but she said she didn’t take it, came down and looked through the fridge and couldn’t find it, so (I heard later from Rachel) she called Rachel asking her if she’d used my butter, and left her a message while she was at work! I just find that amusing! Turns out the butter was just hidden, Rachel found it that night…my bad!

  • 102 – Have too many furry friends that aren’t people-oriented

Hannah moved in with 3 white cats, all looking the same, still can’t tell the remaining 2 apart! The problem with her cats is they don’t like people, I don’t think she’s a good cat owner, I’ve seen her ask me if I wanted a cat, and toss one of them (Hector, who got out and, shockingly, never returned) at me. I’m not a fan of cats, but figured I could co-exist with the little flea bags (I can say that, Hannah says they have fleas, which is just freakin’ wonderful!), and I’m used to cats liking people, I’m a dog person, but have liked my friends’ cats. These flea ridden fur balls run when you try to get near them, Hector warmed up to me and would come up to me, but he’d bite and get me mad, and they still have their claws, therefore, destroying furniture, you should see Hannah’s couches, ripped to shreds from them and their nails, they do it to the stairs, and it just annoys me!!!! She hasn’t bothered to train these cats, they have full run of the apartment, and they get up on tables, like it’s nothing, jumping up on counters and it’s just gross! Like I said, I’m a dog person, and you know where dogs can and can’t get to, there are no boundaries for cats! And now that it’s summer, they’re shedding EVERYWHERE!!!!! I am not much of a fan of hair on the coffee table, floors, furniture, in clumps! Now, Rachel has a cat, and we had a few issues not too long ago, but we resolved it, she stays up in her room, and she’s fine, but her cat also likes people, and doesn’t have front claws, so a whole lot better than the other 2 two!

  • 103 – Don’t do the dishes, or at least not until they are overflowing in the sink!

My roommate, Hannah, cooks quite a bit. I, however, don’t usually, but have a little lately. She likes to leave the dishes in the sink up until it is FULL, and then comes to putting them on the counter. Now, I was brought up having to rinse the plates off when you put them in the sink, and then in the dishwasher or clean them, but she fails to even rinse the plates off! I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest at dishes, but when the dishes are piled up as such, there is no fouler smell!!!! If she does stick them in the dishwasher, she never loads them properly, I end up having to rearrange and rerun it! She has since left a message on the white board saying to do your own dishes, which is fine, it should’ve been that way from the beginning, so they have started hand washing the dishes, BUT they’re not clean, I pulled out a dish with an oily residue the other day!

  • 104 – Why even bother cleaning???

We have lived here since September, and I really don’t believe the carpets have even met a vacuum, nor the floors a mop! I know I very well could’ve done it, but, in my defense, I used to work A LOT and didn’t get off work until midnight, and by that time, vacuuming wasn’t really an option. Hannah, though, being the owners of the (cats) majority of the mess, hasn’t vacuumed either, apparently too busy with the boyfriend!!!!!

  • 105 – Constantly have LOUD sex

Hannah used to have the loudest bed known to man, and of course, her room is over the living room, you would hear EVERYTHING from getting in or out of bed to, well, the sex! There is no way you can ignore that kind of creaking! And let me tell you, even if your room is on the other side of the apartment, you have your door closed and music on, you CANNOT avoid it!!!! Thank you 865 Bellevue for the thin walls! Even now that she took the bed off the frame, SHE gets loud! Thank goodness it only lasts a minute! I’ve had friends over, and they still do it, so embarrassing! The people that know me wonder why I put up with it (because I have a big mouth), I just don’t know a good way to bring up the subject, or the best way to solve the problem, either give me a heads up so I can leave, or find an alternative location (he used to have his dorm w/ 4 other roommates, or parents’ house, which apparently aren’t viable options), or have them wait till I’m gone! I used to work nights, so I really wouldn’t notice it, except, for some reason, they’d be at it like rabbits right before I’d leave for church! I think next time, if I have someone here, we’ll go to the top of the stairs and make noises 😀

  • 106 – Don’t properly dispose of feminine products!!
  • 107 – Leave condoms and lubricant around for ALL to see
  • 108 – Toss roommate’s laundry on the floor because it happens to be in the dryer when you need to use it