My middle name is a unique one, Eba, which was my father’s mother’s first name. When I was living in Thailand, a friend had asked what my middle name was, and I was then told it means “bad crazy”! So, later on in life, when I end up in the psych ward….

I decided to google my middle name, and it turns out EBA can stand for some interesting things:

  • Everything But Anchovies (which is actually a pizza place and a dance theater, go figure!)
  • Energy Bar Association (no clue what it means, but it was there)
  • Exclusive buyer’s agents –

Then, I went to a unique baby names website, and no Eba, I can’t believe it!!!! It’s nice being unique, but makes ya wonder if it’s not even listed under unique baby names!!!!  I did see the name Ebba, so I wonder if my father’s mother’s parents misspelled it!