Okay, so I’ve applied to soooooooooooo many jobs in the past week, and yet, I’ve heard NOTHING back on any of them, well, one sent me an email about doing a phone interview, but they haven’t called, and it’s only a part time job!  If I don’t find one soon, I may just start standing on street corners waiting for john does to pass by, wanting a piece of me!  Just Kidding, I wouldn’t make any money at that either, they’d probably want me to pay them HAHA!!!  I’m just bored too, so the boredom is making me think, and we all know that isn’t ALWAYS a good thing!  I did see an ad for a reservations agent at Loews Vanderbilt, and I will have to apply between 10am and 3pm MWF, so I’ll have to wait until Friday (didn’t see add until 5pm today), but I’ll be there first thing Friday!  Other than that, it’s just very discouraging, and watching the news, they’re about to put 2,000 state employees out of a job, which is NO HELP to me!  This recession needs to come to an end, but it’s just beginning, I am not well with uncertainty, but I’m just hoping God is looking out for me!